Josh Loughrey is a composer for film and media with a background in a wide variety of music. A self-educated musician and composer, Josh creates music on a wide variety of electronic and acoustic instruments. He has experience in many diverse styles and genres, ranging from electronic and orchestral music, to traditional folk and rock.

Josh began recording and performing in 1999, working with experimental ambient music. He has played in rock bands, synthpop bands, folk ensembles and as a solo artist. Josh is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, performing live with guitar, bass, keyboards, electronics, fiddle and dulcimer, as well as recording with harp, mandolin, toy instruments and others.

In 2010, Josh began focusing on orchestral composition and film music. He strives to bring influences from the various musical styles he has worked with in the past, as well as learning new styles and techniques with every project. He has completed scores for 3 feature films, over a dozen short films, commercials and music for a haunted house. He has recorded both score and diegetic music for films, and currently plays with Celtic Fusion duo Ghost Estate.

Josh is available to score your film or media project.